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4 Day Elk Hunting Package

We only provide elk hunts for Nebraska residents who draw a tag.
Rifle and Archery: Hat Creek Unit 1 Bull Elk $5999, Bordeaux Unit 3 Bull Elk $6499, and Cow Elk $1999

We offer great elk hunting packages for the Hat Creek and Bordeaux Units in Nebraska. We hunt near Crawford and Chadron Nebraska. We have the best elk hunting property in the entire unit and generally always go 100 % success kill on our elk. Most elk we harvest score in the 350 to 380 range with some MUCH bigger. We are the best around and will be hunting on our private properties. This is a fully guided hunt. Most of our elk hunters tag out within one to two days. We give you up to 4 days of hunting. More days of hunting can be agreed upon if required for an additional fee. If you want to TRULY shoot a trophy elk, then give us a call. We do our best to hopefully give you the opportunity to harvest a trophy of a lifetime on this hunt. This is one of our most sought after hunts we have because of our great success on HUGE bulls so give us a call. They go quickly! You must have one of the highly sought after Hat Creek Nebraska elk hunting permits in order to participate in this incredible hunt.

Pricing Policy:

Price does not include hunting licenses and habitat stamps, ammunition, game processing, taxidermy, airport transportation, shipping of game and guide tips. Hunting licenses are non-refundable and non-transferable and can be obtained on-line
at: outdoornebraska.ne.gov/ for Nebraska or http://www.sdgfp.info/Index.htm for South Dakota. License cost approximately $230 for out of state residents. If you prefer, we will send you application forms for you to complete and mail in. We recommend that you arrive during daylight the day before you start your hunt.

Cancellation Policy:

A nonrefundable deposit of $500 for deer, antelope, and elk hunts is required for each hunt being purchased upon booking in order to secure a hunt. Your hunt is not secured or guaranteed until your deposit is submitted. A nonrefundable $250 deposit is required for turkey and all other hunts and fishing trips in order to secure your trip. All hunts must be paid in full 3 months prior to start of scheduled hunt date. In the event you should have to cancel a reservation for whatever reason before your arrival date, we reserve the right to retain the full deposit. In the event that we should have to cancel a reservation for whatever reason, we reserve the right to do so, in which case a full refund will be awarded back to you. For hunts and fishing trips cancelled under 90 days from your scheduled start date of your trip, Double D Trophy Outfitters will retain the entire payment of the hunt you paid for with no refund being awarded back to you. All hunts, services, and obligations of Double D Trophy Outfitters end the evening of the last scheduled day of the hunt after shooting hours has expired.

Wounded Animal Policy:

Any Hunter Drawing Blood and/or Wounding Any Animal, Will Be Finished Hunting. Our Guarantee and obligations for your hunt fees are completed at that time! Any hunter not informing us of a shot taken; shot missed; or a possible wounded animal, may be asked to leave camp with our obligations and guarantee of your hunt fees completed and filled in full. We will make every effort to find and retrieve the wounded animal with logical reason.
We find 99% of so called “MISSED” animals and wounded animals!!! Be A Sportsman And Be Honest!

SPECIAL NOTE: Any hunter wounding a big game animal, will be allowed to pay 1/2 of their original hunt price, to continue the hunt again. This will only be after an exhaustive search for their wounded animal and having their animal not found. We sell our hunts based on the number of trophy animals we feel we can harvest each year with ensuring a continuous healthy and high population of trophy animals for the next years to come. Any lost animal can hurt this perfected balance we try hard to maintain.

Though we do VERY well on ALL of our Hunts and have lots of fun and run a generally run a VERY high success rate, for liability reasons all hunters that hunt with Double D Trophy Outfitters must agree and acknowledge that they are participating in a paid-for hunt and that they are doing so voluntarily and of their own free will with no influence from media of any sort which may influence their decision to hunt with us whether it be pictures, blogs, reviews, references, verbal, written, or in any other way. Each hunter is making their own free will decision to hunt with us and understand that this hunt does not include a guarantee they will harvest an animal or see the size animal they are hoping for. Though we have LOTS of fun and do well every year on all of our hunts and run a very high success rate, each hunter understands that Double D Trophy Outfitters makes no promises of any sort on any of our hunts. By submitting a deposit, this is the hunter’s acknowledgement and agreement to these above statements.