About Us

Double D
Trophy Outfitters

We have a lot of fun during and after the hunt. Due to our excellent operations, many outdoor shows have been filmed and aired highlighting what we do! Hunt where the pros hunt! TNT Outdoor Explosion, Northwoods Adventures, Heartland Bowhunter & The Best of the West to name a few!

Double D Trophy Outfitters is a well know, proven successful, hunting service. We believe in superior hospitality and will cater to almost all reasonable requests. We want our hunters to leave our ranches and honestly say that they had the hunt of their life, and we want all of our hunters to become lifelong friends.

Being a hunter myself, I believe that every hunter wants to have a shot at a trophy deer and Double D Trophy Outfitters attempts to provide that opportunity for all hunters. Every hunter’s perception of a trophy is different and we respect that. We ask you only shoot animals that make you happy. Double D Trophy Outfitters is an established outfitting service and 2000 was the first year we took out hunters. Over the past 21 years, Double D Trophy Outfitters has offered MANY TROPHY Whitetail and Mule Deer as well as antelope and Merriam turkeys.

In addition, we believe an excellent hunt requires more than just trophy animal. The fun really starts at the end of each day with a hot meal and all the non-alcoholic beverages you want.