Nebraska Hunting Licenses-

South Dakota Hunting Licenses-

Here are the instructions to go on-line and order your Nebraska non resident rifle, archery, and muzzleloader deer permits.

Click on the web site listed below.


Click on “Buy a permit” Which is at the very top of the page on left hand side in the green background.
Click on “Deer permits”
It will ask who the permit is for and click on “myself”
It will then ask for your last four of your SSN, last name, and DOB. Once you put that information in, click on search.

It will then bring you to a page with a pink box at the bottom that says Create New Profile. Click on this. If you had a Nebraska tag in the past, it will automatically bring you to the page you need to be at.

Fill in appropriate personal information or confirm existing information if you had a tag in the past.

Then a page is going to come up that says select species and has small deer and an antelope picture. Click on the DEER PICTURE. There is also a little box on this page that should have the standard box checked. It should be checked for you already. DO NOT CLICK LANDOWNER OR YOUTH. You want to click standard.

Apply for 2019 Non-Resident Firearms-Pine Ridge-Deer, the price is $209.00 It is located down about 20- 27 spaces on the choices it gives you. It says start date November 16, 2019 weapon firearm. Click on the green check mark on the right. Make sure it is the NON-RESIDENT FIREARMS – PINE RIDGE DEER UNIT.

It will then ask you if you want to buy a 2019 habitat stamp. Click on select because you do want to buy this. Cost is $20. Then click on next and then cash out. You will need a credit card.

Once you’re done you can print off the receipt and the actual tag which includes the habitat stamp printed on it. I suggest you print off several in case it’s misplaced. All hunters are responsible for their tag. Double D Trophy Outfitters is not responsible for lost tags or wrong tags. So please, if you need any help in purchasing your tag, call me and I will be happy with walking you through it over the phone. It is an easy process to do but unfortunately not all people are the most computer savvy. READ YOUR TAGS after you receive them to make sure you have the right tag. Double D Trophy Outfitters is not responsible for any penalties or fines hunters may receive if they have the wrong tag. It is the hunter’s responsibility to purchase the correct tag. We will GLADLY help you with this process if you need help. By law florescent orange hat and vest is required for all rifle and black powder hunts.

If you are buying extra doe tags, you do everything except when it says to cash out, you will click on continue shopping instead and buy the 2019 non-resident firearm season choice Area 17 deer permit which is listed in all the permits it gives you choices of. It is located near the bottom of all the choices. By law florescent orange hat and vest is required for all rifle and black powder hunts.

For archery and black powder, you do the same thing except from the lists of units given, click on the 2019 non-resident statewide deer archery permit or the 2019 non-resident muzzleloader deer permit. Same season choice (Area 17) if you are buying extra doe permits. Cross bows are legal in Nebraska.